The ACC & TAB State of Origin 'After Hours' viewing parties!

It has to the be only Aussie tournament that Kiwis really care about...

Mate Against Mate! State Against State!

The Blues taking on the mighty Maroons for the Ampol State of Origin 2023.

Flag the dingo’s spinning their yarns though, The Alternative Commentary Collective will have full commentary of all the sweat, trys and biffo - and YOU can be watching live from Schapiro's Bar in Auckland while The ACC's Mad Monday team commentates the action on Sky Sport 6.

The ACC & TAB are co-hosting THREE 'After Hours' State of Origin viewing parties that will run well into the night at Schapiro's Sports Bar in Auckland from 9.30pm for all State of Ohhhh games. Schapiro's will be showing Mad Monday's coverage of State of O on ALL screens at the venue for your viewing pleasure with kick-off at 10pm.

Join us down at Schapiro's Sports Bar to watch the BLUES take on the MAROONS for the first State of O clash, Wednesday May 31st from 9.30pm. Book your table HERE (Select Wednesday May 31st from 9.30pm onwards)

Thanks to our mates at TAB, on the night, there will be spot prizes with TAB merch & Bonus Bets on the line.

Game 1: 9.30pm 31st May 2023, Schapiro's Sports Bar & Diner - Sky Sport 6
Game 2: 9.30pm 21st June 2023, Schapiro's Sports Bar & Diner - Sky Sport 6
Game 3: 9.30pm 12th July 2023, Schapiro's Sports Bar & Diner - Sky Sport 6

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