Instagram model brags after being arrested for streaking at the Super Bowl

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Thursday, 6 February 2020, 3:48PM


A woman who was arrested after attempting to streak onto the field during NFL's Super Bowl has bragged about the incident online.

Instagram model Kelly Kay, 27, was tackled to the ground by security personnel just moments after she charged the field during the Kansas City Chiefs' 31-20 triumph over the San Francisco 49ers.

Despite stadium security's best efforts, Kay was then able to lift up her dress and flash her behind to fans and photographers as she was escorted into the depths of the stadium.

The stunt is set to cost Kay dearly as she was subsequently arrested and charged with misdemeanour trespass, according to the website TMZ.

While that punishment would silence most people, Kay has instead embraced her criminal journey, sharing it with her social media followers and bragging about her jail time.

Posting on her Instagram story, she said: "Young jail bait out of jail, fresh out of the pen, fresh out of Dade County, what."

Kay also shared a picture of herself working on a laptop with the caption: "Straight from jail to work, still in the same dress."

She then uploaded an image of her on the ground after being tackled, joking: "Let's get the memes going", before changing her profile picture to her police mug shot.

Kay seemed to also have the support of friends with fellow model Colleen McGinniss posting a video of Kay's flashing attempts at the game.

The streaking attempt has since been confirmed to be have been coordinated with the help of x-rated website Vitaly Uncensored, the same organisation that assisted Kinsey Wolanski's 
pitch invasion at the Champions League final between Tottenham and Liverpool.

Wolanski received huge media coverage and a surge in social media followers after running across the field wearing a Vitaly Uncensored branded leotard.

"All of this thanks to Vitaly … the only reason I got to do that," Kay said. "We are taking over the world, just know 2020 is that year."

Kay's streak is the latest in a string of organised pitch invasions at major sporting events. After Wolanski's Champions League run she also interrupted the Men's Slalom at the FIS Ski World Cup in Austria in January while Julia Rose and Lauren Summer flashed their chests to television cameras during Major League Baseball's World Series.

Rose and Summers received a lifetime ban from MLB stadiums for the incident.

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