Lucy Blakiston: How To Get 3.6 Million Followers On Instagram

Publish Date
Sunday, 20 November 2022, 8:10PM

On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Lucy Blakiston. 

Lucy’s story is quite incredible. In 2018, she was sitting in a uni lecture, getting increasingly frustrated with how disconnected she felt from the information she was being delivered. So, along with her two hometown best friends, she started a blog called Shit You Should Care About. 

Four years later, it’s turned into a mini-media empire. Her daily newsletter reaches 60,000 subscribers every morning, she hosts two podcasts and runs an Instagram page which has 3.6 million followers. 

In this episode we talk about Shit You Should Care About’s ginormous Instagram presence, and what it's like being followed by Billie Eilish, Joe Rogan and Ariana Grande, how they went from 200,000 followers to a million in one month – and why it made her too scared to post, learning to accept the tag ‘media genius’, the decision to go ‘full time’, how they make their money, Harry Styles, what the future holds and so much more. 

This was such an enlightening, fun chat with someone who seems to understand social media better than anyone we’ve met. Lucy IS a media genius, her journey is only just starting and it's exciting to think where it might lead. You’ll love this one.

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