The ACC's 1st XI of Summer Gifts

Here it is. The ultimate 1st XI of Summer Gifts as recommended by The Alternative Commentary Collective!

1. The Black Flap Hat

Opening the innings is the Guppy of gifts – The classic Black Flap cap. Solid, reliable and extremely practical for the classic and brutal Kiwi summer. Wear the flap up…or flap down depending on your mood. A gift that will immediately become and friend and asset. BUY NOW from Mr Vintage HERE and use the code ACC1STX! to get $5 off!

2. Colin de Black Flap Hat

Opening up at the other end and inspired by the man himself this is the only sports headwear in the market that has a built-in mullet that not only provides you with neck protection from the sun but also makes you hot as f*ck immediately. Slip-on the Colin de Black Flap and instantly become 20% more awesome. Available from Mr Vintage HERE and use the code ACC1STX! to get $5 off!

3. Dulux Steady The Ship Hat

Coming in at first drop….is always Steady The Ship. Nothing more steady than the now iconic cricket supporters ‘Steady The Ship Captains Hat’. Not only does it pay tribute to the NZ skipper but it also instantly puts you in a mood to party, just don’t rely on it for sun protection as it offers zero protection from the harsh Kiwi summer – but you knew that. Available now from Mr Vintage HERE – use the code ACC1STX! to get $5 off!

4. Zinger Bails

The solid Conway position in the batting order – The Zinger Bails.

The one thing better than screaming “Piss off uncle Gary – get back on the BBQ!” after you rip his off stump out in a BYC match on Boxing Day…is seeing the bails light up like a Xmas tree. The Zinger Bails will do just that – it will turn your family BYC into the final at the MCG in one foul swoop. Grab TWO sets of bails for a special offer of $69 with free shipping! (usually $80 plus shipping) Exclusively for Great NZer’s HERE and use the promo code ACC69 to access this deal.

5. Thirst Bat

First of the ‘all-rounders’ and as we know not all the rounders wear capes – but some carry cricket bats that double as funnels. The Thirst Bat is the great summer leveller. Have a mate who “played a bit of first-class cricket” and likes to dominate the social beach arena? Well get him on the back end of a Thirst Bat this summer and level the playing field. Available HERE!

6. Dulux Super Bash Eden Park Experience (wk)

“Mate – anyone can hit a six straight at Eden Park” said every club/social/BYC cricketer in NZ. Now it’s time to prove it! The batting wicketkeeper of the ACC Xmas XI and it’s a beauty! Your chance to face up to 6 balls at Eden Park (on the international drop in pitch) and see how many times you can clear the ropes and channel your inner Lance Cairns or Martin Guptill. A once in a lifetime experience that is limited to only a few spots! Use the code SUPERBASHLMS to get 10% off! Book your spot HERE!

7. Pit Vipers

The one spinner in the team and the step sideways from the classic Speed Dealers will instantly make you 5 times more awesome (With your mates… probably not with any prospective partners). Hide the shame from the night before or simply rock the Andre Agassi awesomeness in some “Pittys” this summer. Grab them HERE and get in quick to get them shipped in time. Watch out for sh*tty knock-offs. Get yours HERE!

8. Beige Brigade Shirt

There is nothing that says you love cricket more than a classic Beige Brigade retro cricket top – the ultimate supporters shirt that screams “It’s about passion NOT fashion". A tribute to the 80’s and just a great piece of cricket supporters kit – especially with a smear of zinc across the nose to finish off the look. Available HERE from The Beige Brigade and use the code #BEIGEDAYOUT 10% discount + free shipping!

9. Kiwi Pong Set

Hey! It’s not Beer Pong OK! That is seen as irresponsible and we wouldn’t want that. Get your loved one a mature Kiwi Pong set this summer – never have ping-pong balls been so fun to play with since the great Khao San Road ping pong show.

Playing the Whakamana Express role in this First XI of Xmas gifts – this has pure pace. Get your full set up HERE and use the code ACCFIRSTXI for 15% off.

10. Brothers Beer HOWZAT 6-Pack

Opening the bowling for the ACC XI is the BYC Podcast inspired Brothers Beer HOWZAT pack – complete with BYC rules, score card and wickets. All built into a sixer that’s a must for Boxing Day. Grab one HERE and use the code ACC to get a sweet 15% discount.

11. Knife Party – Liberty Brewing

Opening up with pace and aggression is the one and only Knife Party Xmas 6’er! No Xmas or NYE celebrations are complete without diving head first into the one and only party…..the original Liberty Knife Party! Grab your supplies online HERE and for an 11% discount us the use code ACC

12. Badass Beverages – Gift Horse

Every great 1st XI needs a good 12th man and no one better to carry the drinks and dish out the cold refreshments than the Gift Horse from Badass Beverages! No need for a card with these beauties, just write your Xmas message or sledge straight on the bottle! Grab a case of 12 HERE and use the code GIFTHORSE15 for $15 bucks off any case of Gift Horse.