Club cricket player denied century in a horrific unsportsmanlike act by bowler

Publish Date
Tuesday, 7 August 2018, 10:13AM


This act could go down as being worse than the underarm incident!

An English bowler has been slammed y the entire world after denying an opponent the chance to score his maiden league century with a disgraceful moment of bad sportsmanship.

Coming in at 3/116, Minehead batsman Jay Darrell was within one shot of a century with two runs needed for victory.

And then drama...

An unnamed Purnell bowler deliberately threw the ball to the boundary for the match-ending extras.

The bowler then reportedly "laughed" about the incident.

There is no evidence the bowler is Australian, but people are jumping to that obvious conclusion.

Even media punisher Piers Morgan chimed in on the incident. 

What a wounder!