Crazy footage of security guard trying to break up fight in AFL game

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Tuesday, 18 June 2019, 6:31PM

So those wounding security guards are trying to break up fights in the game now?

A security guard's bizarre attempt to break up a tussle during an AFL game has been mocked as 'laughable' with footage of the on-field moment circulating across social media.

Kangaroo Jack Ziebell and Giant Heath Shaw started wrestling near the boundary line during their two teams' match at Blundstone Arena before the security guard emerged and approached the pair to help break them up.

But umpire Nathan Williamson was quick to usher the guard away telling him he wasn't allowed on the pitch.

Imagine if the security guards at NHL games tried to set in and break up the fights on the ice...

Meanwhile, several fans have since complained about the security guards after Saturday night's game at Marvel Stadium, saying they felt intimidated and constantly feared being kicked out.

Brownlow Medallist Gerard Healy said although most fans liked having extra security, they didn't appreciate it "in their faces".

"Most people like the fact that they can ring a number and know if they're intimidated, somebody can come and address that. But you've got to make sure you've got people well trained," Healy said.

"I'll give you an example down in Tasmania. If you put your faith in people that have got no training or little training, this is the sort of disaster that may well have happened 24 hours ago.

"You had a bloody security guard about to come on the ground to separate two players."

Marvel Stadium boss Michael Green said a review would access the procedures currently in place, including the need for security staff to patrol more frequently.

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