Football fan’s wild hunt for beer leads to party at home of a Sheikh’s son

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Wednesday, 23 November 2022, 2:21PM

A UK soccer fan has documented his wild night spent searching for beer at the World Cup in Qatar, saying the hunt led him and his mates into the mansion of a Sheikh’s son.

Alex Sul posted the crazy night to Snapchat, as he, his dad and friend Johnno spent the night partying at the Qatari man’s palatial home, riding in his luxury vehicle and meeting his exotic animals.

One clip even showed Mr Sul cuddling up to a four-year-old lion.

Speaking to TalkSport, the Everton supporter (a UK football club based in Liverpool) said it all began when he befriended two men named Nawaf and Abdul-Aziz.

“We were on a hunt for some beers and they said, ‘We’ll sort beers,’ so we jumped into the back of his Toyota Land Cruiser, ended up in a big palace,” Mr Sul said.

“We were in the back and he showed us monkeys, his exotic birds – it was nuts.”

Glimpses of the luxury property shared by Mr Sul showed his host’s sprawling games room, complete with a Play Station 5. A man wearing a traditional thobe can be seen talking to his dad and friend.

In another video, Mr Sul can be heard saying: “It’s going off,” while playing with a pet lion.

A final clip also shows the party-of-five driving down a highway and blasting music. The Qatari men were also seen recording the English men on their phones.

In a post shared on Reddit, users were loving the larger-than-life night out.

“If they didn’t film it nobody would ever believe it,” one joked.

“Same for the Qatari guy. No one would believe a bunch of Englishmen just wandered into his house randomly lol,” another user said.

“The Hangover: Qatar version!” another user commented.

Qatar’s controversial booze ban

In a controversial move that rocked the World Cup, Qatar’s government made the last-minute decision to ban the sale of alcohol at its stadiums. This was despite previous concession that would allow spectators to purchase booze in stadiums and fan zones. Now, alcohol sales can only be made in corporate zones, which boast hefty entry fees.

The move has also threatened Fifa’s hefty $121 million sponsorship deal with Budweiser, the competition’s official beer supplier. The Sun has reported that the Belgian beer giant demanded Fifa to knock off $77 million from the deal, reducing the figure to $105 million.

On Sunday, Budweiser shared a photo of its beer stockpiles at the World Cup, which could now go to waste.

“New Day, New Tweet. Winning Country gets the Buds. Who will get them?” Budweiser tweeted alongside the image.

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