Jimmy Neesham roasts baseball catch US can't get over

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Thursday, 23 September 2021, 9:10AM
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A barehanded catch in the Major League Baseball earlier in the week has scored rave reviews in the US but New Zealand cricketer Jimmy Neesham has roasted the reaction.

Miami Marlins outfielder Jesus Sanchez was chasing a fly ball in the match against the Washington Nationals that was over the foul line but looked to be an easy catch for a Major Leaguer.

But Sanchez overran the ball.

Instead, he stuck out his right hand — his non-glove hand — and the ball stuck.

The video of the catch from the MLB Twitter account has 1.2 million views.

It quickly went around the baseball world who raved about the grab.

The Nationals reporter for the Washington Post Jesse Dougherty tweeted: "What … Jesus Sanchez just overran a fly ball in right field and then reached back with his barehand to make the play. That was insane."

MLB.com's Jay Catania wrote: "Jesus Sanchez's smile after realising what he just did is EVERYTHING."

Baseball reporter Joe Frisaro added: "The no-glove catch was more impressive than the 2-run HR by Jesus Sánchez!!! What a play! And, yes, the HR was impressive too".

The catch was compared to a great barehand catch of yore from former two-time All-Star Kevin Mitchell who snagged a catch over his shoulder in 1989.

Even his coach and baseball legend Don Mattingly raved about the grab, even after Sanchez had just hit a two-run homer in the previous innings.

"Obviously, the home run was big," Marlins manager Don Mattingly said. "We got behind there, weren't that great early, but we just kind of hung in there.

"Jesus was good. That catch reminded me of Kevin Mitchell, the play he made. Jesus always makes it interesting."

But the replies to the MLB video were packed with cricket fans pointing out that it was nothing special when compared cricket catch, as only the wicketkeeper can wear gloves.

The catch also caught the eye of Black Caps star Neesham.

Neesham posted the video to Twitter and, in a comment dripping in sarcasm, wrote: "Oh my god no glove that's insane".

While there were plenty of fans who didn't get the joke — and some who did wanting to join in the fun — and pointed out that it happens all the time in cricket, Neesham enjoyed himself in the replies.

Procycling Mag writer Adam Becket could appreciate Neesham's effort, writing: "The best thing on Twitter? International cricketer Jimmy Neesham trolling all of baseball".

Neesham is an all-rounder and played 12 Tests for the Black Caps with his final game in 2017.

But he has remained a regular member of the ODI and T20 sides, playing 66 ODIs and 29 T20I.

For the record, Neesham is a brilliant catcher, especially one handed — having pulled off several stunning catches.

Earlier this year he learned just how hard it was to catch a cricket ball barehanded as he went for a catch off his own bowling in a New Zealand domestic match, sharing a horrific series of images of the aftermath of a compound dislocation — a dislocation that has broken the skin.

Neesham has long shown himself a joker as well, sharing a hilarious image when he swapped jerseys with Aussie Glenn Maxwell.

It featured the numbers 4, 6, 4, 4, 4, 6 — the result of an over when Maxwell took a liking to the Kiwi quick.

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