Paddy Gower: This Is The F*ckin News! (re-release)

Publish Date
Sunday, 19 February 2023, 9:22PM

On this episode of Between Two Beers we’re rewinding the clock back to September of 2021 when we sat down with Paddy Gower.  

Paddy is one of New Zealand’s most senior journalists with over 22 years in all forms of journalism. He’s been newshub’s political editor, an award-winning investigative journalist in  print and broadcasting – has covered warzones and major world events, has hosted leaders debates and is a documentary maker raising issues of national signficance.  
But despite all this, by his own admission – he's most well known for saying ‘This is the fuckin news” and smoking weed on TV.  

In this episode we find out why that is, what I experienced when I went to a Hamilton pub with Paddy after midnight, how All Black Conrad Smith helped him prepare for the leaders debate, the time he left his passport behind when travelling with the prime minister in Iraq, the breakdown that led to him quitting as Newshub Political editor, the horror interview he’ll never forget and a whole lot  more.  

Paddy is a deep thinker and was a joy to share company with. He’s authentic, vulnerable, honest and entertaining. This was one of our most memorable earlier episodes, and wanted to share with our new audience.  
It should be noted that this was also recorded a few months before Paddy turned away from booze. So keep that in mind when you hear a few references to alcohol.

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