Thomas Nabbs: Founder Of The Waterboy, Giving Opportunities To Kiwi Kids (Low-Key Legend)

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Sunday, 3 December 2023, 8:02PM

Thomas is one of our Low Key Legends and is the founder of The Waterboy - a Hamilton-based not-for-profit organisation that uses sport and education to help disadvantaged youths.  

His charity helps connect business sponsors with people, mostly children, to help them overcome barriers related to getting involved in sport, be it finance, family dysfunction, disability, family violence and sexuality. He's helping to create stronger people and communities, but that’s only part of his story. 

In this episode, we unpack the origin story of The Waterboy, the loss of his parents and the impact it had on him, lessons from David Galbraith, his marathon mishap when guiding a vision impaired runner, the beauty of cricket umpiring and some of the best stories from the huge amount of kids that have had their lives enriched thanks to Thomas. 

Thomas' work is so important in NZ where the gap between the haves and the have nots is growing. He cares, deeply, and has created a vehicle to help. His vision is to create stronger communities in NZ and he’s just at the start of his journey – but he’s already doing it. 

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