Ever wondered what Matt Heath's ultimate Blitz tracks are? Or the best tunes to sink piss to? Well, all is uncovered thanks to New Zealand Media and Entertainment’s digital audio platform iHeartRadio launching the brand-new Playlist feature.

Available via the iHeartRadio app and online, the Playlists feature provides Kiwis with access to thousands of carefully curated music playlists from the biggest local and international artists. With the launch of Playlists, iHeartRadio has just got better. Now users have access to a huge variety of music, radio, and podcasts in one free audio app.

Playlists includes mood-specific content, as well as playlists curated by NZME’s well-known on-air hosts and radio stations, ensuring that users can find a playlist for every moment. The feature also allows listeners to seamlessly integrate songs from NZME’s music radio stations via iHeartRadio into their personal playlists.